I just got myself a blog! 19 October 2017

I finally getting back on writing again! Check out my newest blog at

I finally getting back on writing again! After so long neglecting my second passion, I decided to sharpen my writing skill again by doing it everyday. As a child, I was always inspired to make poems. Sometimes short stories too. In my current blog, you will find some of my poems about many things which related to what I experience on a daily basis. Could be a simple thing, but also a complicated, indescribable feeling which belongs to my character actually:). Also the fact that I live abroad by myself, it created so much desires to put what I see, feel, and see into words.  So give it a go if you dare!

Oh, please don't hesitate to give feedbacks or comments, or even just say hi. Thank you!

Late Night Tales with Bernadeta Astari & Friends 06 October 2017

August 23rd 2017 Bernadeta and friends, Lisa Supadi on harp and Yosephine Madju on piano were asked last minute to give concert at iCanLive Studio Jakarta.

iCanLive Studio is a live concert place where they make HD video and audio recording. Their mission is to help young upcoming musicians produce an excellent promotional materials or even album materials. Three of them performed the programma that they played already at Samosir International Music Festival last August. The repertoire includes Indonesian songs, Classical - Opera Arias, and Bataknese songs (as they requested at the the music festival in Samosir, Sumatra Indonesia).

You can view the entire video here:

Sound Stories Festival Splendor 01 June 2017

Bernadeta was asked to share her stories about her life in The Netherlands, her cultural background, her passion, and her music together with 7 other musicians from Syria, Serbia, USA, and Libia. Check out the live stream video on facebook.

Opening Ceremony of NSS 2014 24 April 2014

Bernadeta was honored to be part of the opening ceremony of NSS 2014 in The Hague, in front of 53 world leaders, including Obama. Check out the video on

Fairy Queen, Reisopera & Veenfabriek 02 February 2014

Bernadeta Astari is going to sing in Fairy Queen, opera by Henry Purcell. A collaboration between The Dutch Touring Opera (Nationale Reisopera) with Veenfabriek, a dutch theater company.

International Vocal Competition 's Hertogenbosch 13 September 2012

Bernadeta won the North Brabant Prize at the final of International Vocal Competition s'Hertogenbosch, 30 September 2012 at Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch. This prize is meant for young singer under 24 years old who could reach the final. She shared the prize together with the Dutch mezzo soprano, Maria Fiselier. The complete result can be viewed here.

Final Recital 28 June 2012

Bernadeta to present her final recital for her master's study of vocal performance at the Fentener van Vlissingen Zaal in the Utrechts Conservatorium, on 27 June 2012, 19.30hrs. Works by Granados, Messiaen, Seelig, Wolf, Melani, Berio, Mozart, and Verdi, to be on the programme.

Bernadeta will also be performing opera highlights of Mozart/Da Ponte as part of the  Grachtenfestival Amsterdam in Hilton Hotel (Amsterdam), on 11, 13, 14 August 2012. She will take the roles of Susanna (Le Nozze di Figaro) and Despina (Cosi Fan Tutte).

The Dutch Classical Talent 2012 03 June 2012

Bernadeta Astari won The Dutch Classical Talent 2012, held in het Kleine Zaal, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, accompanied by Japanese pianist Kanako Inoue. This awards her with a CD recording, prize money of € 10.000, a trophy, and a nameplate on the wall of the Kleine Zaal in Concertgebouw Amsterdam.