Music Theater Tour: Voyager One

Music Theater Tour: Voyager One

In September 1977 NASA shoots an unmanned satellite on one-way trip into space: Voyager 1. It is supposed to introduce man to potential alien life. Aboard is a gift from planet earth: a golden record. On this golden record there is a graphic instruction manual on how to play it. This way, curious extraterrestrials can find out all there is to know about the human race, it’s cultural diversity and life on earth. The extraterrestrial will be greeted in fifty-five languages: "Hope everyone's well. We are thinking about you all. Please come here to visit when you have time". In 116 images they learn all there is to know about our anatomy, culture and science. There are sounds of barking dogs, quacking ducks, hammers and tractors. There is a whole selection of music that represents musical history: classical works by Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky and a lot of indigenous music. We can hear electronic, contemporary, classical, world and folk music, even Chuck Berry is included. Today, forty years later, it is high time to make a new selection and send it up into the sky. A cultural pattern card of the human race and life on earth in 2017, personally put together by Touki Delphine.

From Thursday 18 May 2017 until Sunday 23 July 2017

Performers: Touki Delphine; Bo Koek, Rik Elstgeest, John van Oostrum, Arend Pinoy, Bernadeta Astari, Chris Doyle Vormgeving: Koen Steger Geluid: Miguel Rodriguez Licht : Martijn Nieuwenburg Kostuumontwerp: Esmée Thomassen Coproductie: Productiehuis Rotterdam, Operadagen Rotterdam

Locations: Operadagen Rotterdam, Oerol, & Over het IJ Festival

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